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Getting Started

  1. Download RubyFeed.htm to your local computer or to a web server.
  2. Browse to it in Internet Explorer 10 or 11, desktop only. (Issue: Panes cannot be resized in IE11)
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to correct any security zone restrictions that may be preventing the app from communicating with the Windows RSS Platform.
  4. Subscribe to a feed in Internet Explorer by browsing to its URL and clicking Subscribe Now.
  5. You can organize your feeds into folders by clicking the "Star" menu in Internet Explorer and then clicking on the Feeds tab.


  • I've already fixed several bugs and made a few improvements that will be included in the next release.
  • Work is underway to host the app in the cloud for free.
  • Work is underway to provide a free synchronization service in the cloud using Azure.

Cloud Synchronization Service

I intend for this service to remain permanently free of advertisements and free of any privacy concerns. It will also remain free of charge insofar as Azure usage costs do not exceed the Free subscription limit. And should that limit be exceeded, I will look for ways to monetize the service to pay for its costs, such as building client apps for Windows Store and Windows Phone; however, the current HTML5 page will remain free of charge, advertisements and privacy concerns. If monetization cannot pay for the future costs of this service, then I may be forced to make your sync data available for download for a short period of time and then shutdown the service permanently, or look for free alternatives.

Why don't you simply store the sync file on my OneDrive account?

Initially, I spent quite a bit of time wiring up this app to Microsoft OneDrive in an attempt to provide users with a "permanently" free and highly available cloud storage mechanism. Unfortunately, I've finally come to the realization that it's unfeasible. Everything works nicely in terms of authentication and creation of the sync data file in your OneDrive account; however, it's not possible for the app to automatically retrieve the sync file from your OneDrive account due to CORS restrictions. The best that I could do (barring asking you to modify your browser's security zone settings to avoid XSS restrictions, if that's even possible) was to prompt you to download the sync file to a location on your local computer, each time the app needs to sync! This is unacceptable. Synchronization must be transparent and entirely automated.

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